Used Engine Wiring Harnesses For Every Make & Model

At the Spare Vehicle Part, you will find used engine wiring harnesses with quick response time and high durability. 

Product Name Wiring Harness
Product Category Auto Body Parts
Condition Aftermarket
Features Heat Resistant Coating
Approx Cost $500-$1500
aftermarket wiring harness

Used Wiring Harness for Lightning Response of ECU

The wiring Harness is an integral part of a vehicle as it runs electricity and information throughout the whole vehicle for various purposes. Without a proper setup of the wiring harness, a vehicle cannot function in an optimum way.

Even a single defect in the wiring can affect the whole performance of a vehicle. It is difficult to detect a fault in the wiring. Therefore, engine wiring harness replacements are often a better choice to clear any malfunction in the electric circuit of the vehicle.

A brand-new car electrical harness is one of the most expensive components of a vehicle. It is better to look for used wiring harness options as they are more cost-effective and gives the same performance as the new setup.

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Range of Compatible Aftermarket Wiring Harness Parts .

At the Spare vehicle part, we keep tested and high-performance wiring assembly. Our aftermarket wiring harness parts are compatible with every car’s electrical unit. Browse our inventory to find the right product. 

Door Shells

Stereo Wiring Harness

Performance Wire Harness

Performance Wiring Harness

Headlight Wire Harness

Headlight Wiring Harness

Electrical Wiring Harness Connector Kit

Electrical Wire Connector Kit

Trailer Brake Control Harness

Trailer Brake Control Harness

Radio Wiring Harness Replacement Interface

Radio Replacement Interface

Auto Trans Wire Harness

Auto Trans Wiring Harness

Electrical Pigtail wiring harness

Electrical Pigtail

Wire Harness - Universal

Wiring Harness - Universal

What are the Major Factors for Wiring Harness Replacement?

Wiring harnesses are a complex component. They are spread across the vehicle for the purpose of control and performance. Even a minute issue with the wiring harness can affect the overall performance of the vehicle. There should be no delay in replacing your wiring harness for better driving and complete productivity of the vehicle.

Lack of Maintenance

The improper duration between servicing a vehicle can lead to dust and moisture around the wiring harness. It will ultimately affect the integrity of the wire and may damage the layering.


A corroded wiring harness is difficult to repair and may possibly get worse with time. There will be an interruption in the transmission of the signals. So, replacement is more feasible.

Worn Out

No electrical component is built to last an eternity. There are many reasons that lead to the degradation of a component, such as moisture, heat, and dust. Improper battery output can also cause the wire to burn out.
Wiring harness replacement

Select the Right Aftermarket Wiring Harness Assembly

An excellent wiring harness is required to increase the car’s functionality. There are some points to keep in mind while buying aftermarket wiring harness assembly. These points will ensure a value deal for you to get a quality product.

      • Always do a quality check before buying automobile wiring harnesses.
      • Wiring quality can be checked by the quality of the coating layer and the functioning of the connectors.
      • Avoid the options that have any cuts or degraded coating.
      • Different vehicle requires a specific type of auto wire harness parts.
      • The main reason is that every vehicle has some more or fewer control options in terms of performance.
      • It is better to get an aftermarket wiring harness that is specific to your vehicle.

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Benefits of Choosing Spare Vehicle Part

Used wiring harness

FAQs .

Used engine wiring harness kit costs under $1000. The cost can vary for specific brands and also depends on the quality of the product.

It is hard to replace wiring components on your own as it is a very complex task. If you have a good knowledge of a vehicle’s electric system, then you should do it. However, if that is not the case, it is advisable to seek professional help, as any wrong connection might lead to a dangerous situation.

You may use a custom wiring harness only if it is compatible with your car system. Using a harness kit that is not compatible with your car system may lead to malfunction in controlling various functions of the car.

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