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Product Name Headlights
Product Category Auto body parts
Condition Aftermarket Headlights
Features Adaptive Range Control
Approx Cost $500-$2000
used headlights replacement

Energy Efficient Used Car Headlights

Car lights are a significant part of your vehicle as it assists you in driving in dark or foggy conditions. If your car headlights are not producing an optimum level of brightness or are broken, then equip it with the other one.  

Used headlights are a reasonable choice if you are looking to replace them. Brand New Side Lights are expensive and whereas the used headlamps are inexpensive and fulfill the same purpose. Make a smart choice and buy from Spare part zone for a better driving experience, along with saving a good sum of money.

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Huge Range of Used Headlights For Cars .

halogen used headlights


xenon used headlights

Xenon Or HID

LED used headlights


MATRIX Used Headlights


LASER Used Car Headlights


HIGH BEAM Used Headlights

High Beam

What are the Reasons for Automobile Headlights Replacement?

No automobile parts are built to last for an eternity. With usage, headlamps lose their brightness. Quality headlights can last up to 10,000 hours. Apart from usage, here are several reasons which can make you replace your headlights.

Bulb Fuse

There is a big possibility for the headlight bulb to get fused. This generally happens because of faulty wiring or worn-out circuit.

Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring, along with low or heavy input from the battery, might lead to the malfunctioning of car lights .


Front-end accidents often damage the headlights, and there is no alternative apart from getting them replaced.

Series Failure

Haedlamps get power through the series of connectors in the circuit, which delivers the current. Breakage of current in the series might need a new lights wiring along with bulbs as per the compatibility of the wiring.
Used Headlights cost

Your Checklist For Buying Aftermarket Headlights .

Here are some necessary checks before buying headlights

Quality : Always checks the quality of the aftermarket Lights. The scope of light and the material used are the two important factors that determine the quality of light.

Compatibility :

Not every headlight will be compatible with your vehicle. Compatibility for these parts depends on the wiring configuration and control that is installed in your vehicle. It is better to buy compatible aftermarket lights so that you don’t have to invest extra for optimizing control.

Type of Headlight : There are different types of headlights in the market because they are designed to serve a specific purpose. A person living in a city might not need high-beam lights as LED are more suitable for the city. Therefore, it is better to choose those aftermarket headlights that fulfill your purpose.

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FAQs .

Auto headlights restoration can cost around $500-$1500. The rate may vary depending on the quality and the type of used headlight. The sole cost of buying aftermarket headlights is between $500-$1500. Expect a labor charge of $10-$50 for the installation. 

Replacing vehicle headlights is not a hard task and can be done easily. However, it is important to understand the wiring configuration to install them in the correct manner. If you are not sure about the wiring configuration, then taking professional help is a better choice. 

Used headlights are cost-efficient, durable, and fulfill the same purpose.  Custom options in used headlamps are more than compared to the standard factory-made lights.

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