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Product Name Tail Light
Product Category Automotive Lighting
Condition Aftermarket Tail Light
Features Durable
High quality
Replacement Cost $200-$2000
used tail light replacement

Customized Your Car With Heavy Duty Used Tail Lights

The tail lights are located above the bumper. When the automobile is in reverse, the white lights adjacent to the red ones serve as a signal. By letting other drivers know you’re on the road, tail lights assist you in driving safely at night.

However, extended usage can cause the burning out of a tail light bulb. Also, their filament can have defects. Driving without a working tail light is not safe. So, it is necessary to equip your car with an operational one.

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Finest Aftermarket Tail Light Parts Under One Hood .

tail light lens

Tail light lens

Brake tail light

Brake tail lights

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Lamp tail lights

passenger tail light

Passenger tail lights

driver side tail light replacement

Driver tail lights

Causes Of Tail Light Replacement

We hope car owners understand the importance of tail lights and how dangerous it can be to drive with a non-functional tail light. The best practice is to replace the tail light quickly if it is losing its brightness. 

Here are the problems people generally face with tail lights and how they can be harmful:

Defective Fuse

A fuse box is probably found beneath the hood of your automobile or on the front passenger side of the cabin. You may examine the fuse box to determine if it is the reason for your non-functional tail light.

Burnt-out bulb

The extended usage may cause the burning out of a tail light bulb. You can examine it easily by looking at the cover and the bulb's filament. In case the filament is damaged then you have to replace it for sure.

Functional issues with socket

Check the socket for any stains or damage. Then replace the socket if it is blue, brown, or white or if the pins are damaged or broken.
after market Tail Lights replacement

How to Choose The Right Aftermarket Tail Light? .

There are a few considerations to make before purchasing alternative tail lights. These elements will guarantee that you obtain a good deal on high-quality aftermarket tail lights.

Fits your vehicle: When you’re looking for a tail light, the first concern should be the size. Get the perfect size by measuring, and make sure you check that it fits easily.

Color output of light: Tail lights are for safety, so the output color should be an important factor to consider while looking for a tail light replacement. 

Tail lamp performance: The functioning of the tail lights is another important factor. You should choose a tail light that produces light of the right brightness and quicker response.

Durability: It’s crucial to consider the tail light’s lifetime and durability. Ignoring this factor can only cause you issues and increase your expenses.

Light wattage: The most underrated aspect of automobile lighting is its light wattage. A brighter beam is produced by tail lights with higher wattages. Car owners should first assess the wattage of their aftermarket tail lights.

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Tail light Replacement cost

FAQs .

The pricing range for replacing the tail light assembly is between $200 and $1,000. The cost variation depends on brands and the type of tail lamps. The final cost is ultimately determined by the cost of labor as well as the kind of components and machinery used.

Fortunately, changing the tail light bulbs isn't hard and shouldn't take you more than 45 minutes to an hour. Be careful that newer models could be a little more to disassemble than older ones since there will be more cables.

Tail lights are activated by turning on your headlights. Brake lights turn on instantly when you hit the brakes. The brake lights are a brighter red than the tail lights. 

Used Tail Lights At The Lowest Price
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