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Product Name Fog Lights
Product Category Auto Body Parts
Condition Aftermarket
Features Superior Wire Quality (Customized)
Approx Cost $50-$400
Used fog lights for sale

Huge Stock of Aftermarket Fog Lights

Fog lights are an integral part of a vehicle as they assist in extreme driving conditions. Their main purpose is to enhance the visibility of the road for the driver in foggy or dark conditions, mainly in winter.

Normal car lights do not provide much visibility in such conditions, which is why fog lights are not an option but a significant part of safe driving. If you have a broken fog lamps, it is the best practice to equip your car with a functional one. 

Spare Vehicle Part provides a large variety of aftermarket fog lights that are compatible with various vehicles. Car fog lights are available at a reasonable rate and do not differ much from new products in terms of performance. 

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We Have All Types of Used Fog Lights Parts

led fog light replacement

Led Fog Lights

bulb fog light replacement

Fog Bulbs

rear fog light replacement

Rear Fog Lights

fog light switches

Fog Light Switches

fog light brackets

Fog Light Brackets

relay fog lights

Fog Light Relays

fog lights wiring kit

Fog Light Wiring Kit

fog light bezel

Fog Light Bezels

Why Should you replace your car fog lights?

Driving with non-operational fog lights is risky not only for you but for every vehicle on the road around you in dark or foggy conditions. It is also illegal to be on the road without proper light and visibility. There are many reasons which demand the replacement of fog lights to ensure safety on the road. 

Bulb Fuse

There is a good chance that the fog bulb will fuse. This is usually caused by faulty wiring or a worn-out circuit.

Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring, combined with low or high battery input, may cause car fog bulb to malfunction.


High-impact accidents, especially from the front or rear, have a possible chance of breaking the lens of the lights completely. There is a possibility that fog lamps are completely destroyed in such accidents.

Poor Quality

Low quality fog bulbs are not built to last for a long time or to perform in an optimum manner. Make sure that you never buy bad quality products. The common sign of fog lights replacement is the premature diminishing of light scope.
used fog light parts

Things to Remember While choosing Aftermarket Fog Lights

There are some measures to keep in mind during purchasing car fog lights assembly so that you actually get a good product. You can benefit if you follow these points.


  • Check the quality of aftermarket lights if you have the option to.
  • This can be done by analyzing the condition and the scope of light for these products.
  • For buying car fog lamps online, always choose a quality store like the Spare Vehicle Part so that you can rely on the quality.


  • There are many types of customized choices for fog lights.
  • You should choose car fog lights that can align with the configuration of your vehicle.
  • The power output of the battery and wiring configuration are some areas to check for compatibility.


  • Aftermarket products are usually under half the price of new products.
  • There are some aspects that can vary the cost more such as the condition and the brand.

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Used fog light replacement

FAQs .

Brand new fog light lens replacement can cost around $100-$500. In comparison, a used car fog light replacement cost around $50-$200. The labor cost for replacing the fog light is around $20-$50. It is evident that used fog lights are cost-effective and a reliable option for replacement.

Replacing fog lights is not a hard task. The only tricky part is understanding the wiring configuration to install them successfully. So if you have a rough idea about the configuration, you may try to install car fog lights by yourself.

LED fog lights or classic bulb fog lights are both ideal in city conditions. The important thing to remember is city conditions does not require car fog lights with high range beam as it can be dangerous for the other vehicles on the road.

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