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car cooling system work

How Does a Car Cooling System Work? -Principles & Faulty Symptoms

Surely, the car cooling system is an essential part of any vehicle, responsible for regulating the temperature of the engine to prevent overheating and damage. A car cooling system works as an essential component that helps regulate the engine's temperature, ensuring that it runs at an optimal temperature range. The…


How To Find and Fix a Coolant Leak?

Even while a minor coolant leak might not seem like a severe problem, it might result in total engine failure and catastrophic harm. One of the most crucial components of every car is the coolant system, which regulates engine temperature by freezing the antifreeze/water mixture that passes through the engine…

can low coolant cause rough idle

Can Low Coolant Cause Rough Idle?- Is It A Real Cause?

Modern cars contain a lot of essential parts. One of the most crucial is the cooling system. It stops heat from collecting and causing harm. But may a harsh idle be caused by insufficient coolant? Can low coolant cause rough idle in a vehicle? To identify the solution, let's examine…

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