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Product Name Car Fender
Product Category Fender auto parts
Condition Aftermarket Fenders
Features Compatible,
Replacement Cost $100- $1000
Car Fender Replacement

Turn the Heads Around With Attractive Car Fender Replacement Units

The curved portion of the car’s body over the wheel well is called the fender. Fenders are important body panels of a car. It is essential because they hold the mud and debris that your tires throw up and that might harm your car or other cars on the road.  

They are available in various designs and improve your car’s look. However, car fender replacement is a preferable alternative if the fender damage is more extensive or the vehicle’s structure is severely harmed. At the Spare vehicle part, you will find the most extensive catalog of fender flares and liners. 

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Car Fender Parts Under One Hood .

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Front Car Fender

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Rear Car Fender

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Car Fender Flares

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Liner Car Fender

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Trim Car Fender

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Skirt Car Fender

Why Should You Replace Car Fenders?

You might not find a car fender essential component, but it has its own use. Here are a few reasons that can make you replace your car fender. 

Dents on the fender

One of the main problems that might arise if your fenders have dents is that the dents can impair your steering and alignment. The alignment of the autos may be affected by the dents, making steering more difficult.

Rusting on fender

Frame rust can cause components to break or shatter, seriously jeopardizing your safety and the safety of your passengers and other drivers. Costly repairs might result from further corroded components.

Paint damage

Having paint damage on your fender can be very distressing as it ruins the overall look of the car. But now you may ask why not repaint instead of replacing. That’s because of painting again, sanding, and making the surface even. After that, you will have to match the car's paint with the fender's new paint. That might be a hectic task.

Cracked Fender

A cracked fender will eventually start to loosen and may even come out while driving, and obviously, that’s not a safe thing. So, make sure you keep a check on the fender. Though it’s a small part, it’s an important thing for your car.
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Major Things to Remember before buying aftermarket car fender .

Car fenders act as a shield against flying debris and add value to the appearance of your vehicle. However, if you are buying an aftermarket car fender, here are the necessary criteria you should follow.

Avoid major damages: Although you have a few negligible dents you can accept with fenders, there should not be any major damages that are visible and might be a trouble for you later

Cracks near the bolt holes: Make sure this does not happen at any cost because then the fender might get loose over the time and can be a risky deal for you.

Compatibility with your car: The aftermarket car fender parts that you have chosen should fit with your car without any struggles then, only go for it. It might cause damages later if the fender does not fit properly.

Match material and color: The color and material should match your car, as investing in painting again is not a wise decision to make. And if the material is different, it might not suit your car well.

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FAQs .

A fender typically costs between $100 and $1,000, and installation might be between $200 and $600. Used fenders are available at the Spare vehicle parts for affordable prices. Fender-related components can be purchased separately for customization.

Beginners should avoid attempting to replace a fender. So, if you have no expertise at all with auto repair work, let a professional auto body shop do it.

The removal of the old fender and installation of the new fender will only take a skilled technician 3–5 hours. However, the paint job and drying might add a few days to the overall time for a replacement.

No, it is not safe to drive without a fender liner. It risks your car's inside components. In some cases driving without liners has caused some people to lose their headlight wiring.

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