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Honda civic has already performed excellently in the market. It has a fantastic reputation in the automotive industry and proved itself as one of the most reliable choices. The car’s parts are excellent and protect the vehicle from unwanted particles. The vehicle has two bumpers, the front, and the rear. These two bumpers save the car from low-speed crashes. The 2007 Honda Civics’ front bumper is essential in a civic body. But what if it gets damaged and you have to replace it?

Roles Of 2007 Honda Civics’ Front Bumper

A whole car body has several parts that protect the car from damage. Both front and rear bumpers do the same thing for the car. Bumpers are installed for safety purposes from mostly low-speed crashes.

  • They endure the shock on behalf of the vehicle so that the car doesn’t get damaged.
  • A car bumper protects the hood, the fuel tank, the grille, the trunk, and many more parts.
  • It is generally shaped by steel, aluminum, rubber, or plastic.
  • A 2007 Honda Civics’ front bumper protects the car from many accidents.
  • But they should have met industry standards as they should endure the impact of mph across the full width.
  • This rule hasn’t updated since 1982.

Steps for Replacing the Front Bumper of Honda Civic

If your front bumper gets damaged by any accident, you should consider replacing them. For the replacement process, you have two options. Either you can go to any of the local mechanic’s shops or you can replace it yourself. If you want to do it all yourself, then you can follow these steps.

step for 2007 Honda Civic Front Bumper replacement

  • First, make the car parked and open the hood.
  • Remove the clips that are holding the front trim piece.
  • Remove the two bolts that hold the grill in the perfect place, and they should be under the car.
  • Remove both screws from both of the wheels.
  • In the next step, remove all the clips with a flathead screwdriver that is holding the bumper under the car.
  • Once you are done unscrewing all the screws and bolts, just pull the bumper out from the fender.
  • Put the new front bumper in its position and screw all the bolts and screws again.
  • You are good to go after these steps.

Now, the 2007 Honda Civic Front bumper replacement process is done.

From Where Can I Get a New Front Bumper of a Honda Civic?

If you have made up your mind about the Honda Civic front bumper replacement, then you can look for it in the local shops. And the other option you have is, you can go for any trusted online website like Spare Vehicle Part. it is an online trusted website that sells used car parts that are in great condition.

How Much Does a New Front Bumper of a Honda Civic Cost?

A new 2007 Honda Civic front bumper cost depends on the model. It varies with the manufacturer company as well. But overall, a new 2007 Honda Civic front bumper costs you around $350-$600. While the labor cost is around $100-$200, and the part cost is between $200-$300.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost the front bumper of the Honda Civic cost?

Well, it depends on various things like the model, year, or manufacturer. But overall, it costs you around $350-$600. While the labor cost is around $100-$200, and the part cost is between $200-$300.

Can I replace my front bumper?

Yes, you can replace your front bumper yourself if you have a good experience in auto repair works. In that case, you will only have to pay for the parts, and you can save on the labor charges.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace the bumper?

As you can already guess, the repair is more affordable than getting a new one. But repair takes more time while replacing takes less time comparatively.

How long does it take to replace a Honda civic bumper?

Generally, if they are in good hands, this repair takes time up to 3 days. But if the damage is small, it can be less than one day also.

Can you fix a dented plastic bumper?

Yes, you can fix any small dented bumper. No need to replace it in such cases.

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