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Product Name Car Bumpers
Product Category Auto Body Parts
Condition Aftermarket
Features High Impact Absorption
Approx Cost $10-$400
Car Bumpers replacement at low cost

Used Car Bumper Available for Various Makes & Models

Bumpers are an essential part of your vehicle as they protect the car from possible intense damage during a time of collision. They are also the part of your vehicle which are more prone to damage. Driving with a damaged car bumper is risky. 

Car bumpers are the most common maintenance every owner needs in the vehicle. Having dented or worn-out bumpers can also degrade the overall look of your car. Also, it reduces the resale value of the car. It can be costly to get a new bumper. Therefore, used car bumpers are the best choice to get the same productivity at a minimal cost. At the Spare vehicle part, you will find the genuine and tested parts for your car.

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Why Should You Replace Your Car Bumper?

Vehicle bumpers perform the function of protecting your car and you at all times from fatal collisions and also from mere touches and scratches while driving. Here are few reasons for car bumper replacement. 

Dents & Scratches

Appearance of dents or scratches can degrade the overall look of your car. Such dents and scratches also affect the productivity of bumpers in possible collisions or accidents.


Poor maintenance or low-quality material are the two main reasons for rust occurring in your vehicle. Rust not only impacts the affected part but also spreads to other parts as well.


Fatal accidents may completely damage the bumpers. It can be dangerous to be on the road again without bumper protection.


Customizing your vehicle often requires changing some outer look of your vehicle that aligns with the latest changes. It is aesthetically appealing to have bumper parts that complement the new design or changes.
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Select the Right Aftermarket car bumpers .

Car bumper parts that are brand new are costly. If you have a tight pocket, then an inexpensive option is going for an aftermarket car bumper.  There are some precautions or points to consider when buying car bumpers


    • Always ensure a quality check before buying aftermarket bumpers.
    • Material quality and near-to-original shape are the two criteria to look for.


    • Aftermarket bumpers offer a wide range to choose from.
    • It can be appealing to go for a customizable option.
    • However, always check the compatibility with your vehicle in terms of fit, color, and design.


    • Refurbished bumpers are available for under half the price of a new bumper part.
    • The cost can vary more or less depending on the quality of the product.
    • Under no conditions are aftermarket products more expensive than new products unless they are a rare and hard-to-find brand.

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Front Car Bumper replacement cost

FAQs .

It is easy to replace car bumpers on your own. The two important criteria to keep in mind are a proper fit and having the necessary tools to do that. Before starting the replacement on your own, make sure that you have the proper sizes of tools required.

You can easily get a used bumper part for under $200. The cost may vary more or less depending on the condition. To buy aftermarket car bumpers online, you can check leading stores in the USA, like Spare Vehicle Part.

Getting the actual aftermarket part for a specific brand can sometimes be costly. Aftermarket products are often open for customization (if possible) by the seller so that they can fit a specific vehicle.

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