Tough Car Bumper Cover Replacement Kits To Safeguard Your Vehicle

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Product Name Bumper Cover
Product Category Automotive Part
Condition Aftermarket
Features Durable
Replacement Cost $100-$1000
Bumper cover

Customize Your Car With Bumper Cover Replacement Assembly

The main function of the car bumper covers is to safeguard your car in the case of an accident. Your bumper serves as a shock absorber, and the cover provides additional security. In the case of an accident, this helps safeguard expensive external elements and pricey engine parts.

In most cases, replacing the car’s shattered bumper is preferable to repairing it. If there are cracks in your bumper, it reduces its resale value. You can replace your bumper rather than fix it if it has scratches or paint chips. Hooks on bumpers aid in their attachment to the splash guard, grill, and valance panel. If the hooks are broken or damaged, the bumper may drop or come off entirely. 

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Best Aftermarket Bumper Cover Parts At One Platform .


Front Bumper Cover

upper bumper cover

Upper Bumper Cover


Lower Bumper Cover

driver side cover

Driver Side Cover

passenger side cover

Passenger Side Cover

Leather Bumper Cover


Plastic Bumper Cover

painted bumper cover

Painted Bumper Cover

Why Do You Require To Replace Your Bumper Cover?

The bumper cover safeguards the vehicle from minor impacts and ensures the safety of passengers. But there are many scenarios that can cause you to replace your bumper cover.

Cracks and dents

If you feel there are dents or cracks on your fascia, it’s better that you choose replacement instead of repair. Choosing to repair your lower cover may lead to the depreciation of the overall value of the car.

Damage hooks

Hooks are a crucial part of the front and rear bumper covers. Hence, if there are broken hooks or damaged hooks, it’s better you go for an overall change of your cover unit.

Accidental damages

If you have met any accidents, then your bumper cover could be severely damaged. Driving with it will raise the driving ticket for you and also reduces your structural integrity.
Car Bumper Cover

Points to Remember Before Buying Aftermarket Car Bumper Cover .

Here are a few necessary points you should consider before purchasing a bumper cover unit. 

Warranty: You should consider it a high priority. You should check whether you are getting a warranty with your aftermarket bumper covers. Mostly you get a 1-year warranty with most suppliers, so do your research before buying. The Spare vehicle part also gives a 1-year warranty on all auto part products.

Compatibility: Ensure that you buy a bumper cover of the best fit. Before buying the part, cross-check the dimensions of your cover. Your cover should attach easily

Dents and paint: Before buying a car bumper cover, do a thorough inspection for even a small dent or paint because this small issue can become a big reason to spend thousands later. It’s not an easy task to repair dents and paint, and neither is it an affordable task. So why not check before buying?

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FAQs .

A replacement bumper cover for a car can range in price from $100 to $1,000. The cost variation is due to material, accessories, color, and brand.

Bumper cover replacement usually doesn’t require more than a couple of hours. However, you will need a little assistance while placing it. 

In most cases, replacing the cracked bumper is the best practice. It helps to improve the car's robustness and effectiveness against any collisions.

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