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Product Name Bumper Assembly
Product Category Auto Body Parts
Condition Aftermarket
Features – Durable
– Compatible
– Available in many designs
– Retrofittable with off-road accessories.
Approx Cost $800 to $1400
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Used Bumper Assembly - Affordable Choice

Bumper assembly act as a cushion against any impact in case of collisions. It protects the passengers inside and also keeps many costly car components safe. However, your bumper unit often gets damaged while protecting your car. The level of protection that fascia assembly offer is significantly reduced when they sustain damage. 

A bumper unit also adds to the look of your car. You can dress up the vehicle’s front and rear bumpers with customized assemblies which makes it appealing. At the Spare vehicle part, you will find exclusive stock of used bumper assembly. All assembly units are resistant checked and stand on our durability criteria.

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Exclusive Stock of Used Bumper Assembly

Whether you are looking for front or rear assembly units, the Spare vehicle part has tested parts at competitive prices. You can rely on us for quality assurance and fast delivery.

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What Leads to Bumper Assembly Replacement?

Driving with a firm bumper unit will keep you and your vehicle safe. But there are many factors that can weaken your bumper unit. Here are those scenarios in which you should surely replace your bumper assembly.


Apart from accidental damage, you can replace the bumper unit to give your car a more customized design. Many custom fascia kits are available at Spare vehicle part to increase your car look and safety.


Any crack in the bumper reduces its structural integrity. It cannot withstand impact in the event of an accident. Additionally, a crack might allow dust and moisture to enter, causing the rusting of the parts behind the bumper unit.

Broken Hooks

Your car's bumper is held firmly in place by hooks that attach to the splash guard, grill, and valance panel. When the fascia's pin wears down, your assembly won’t be at its place. It will lose its integrity. Therefore, replacing your bumper assembly is the safest way to ensure your automobile is secure and well-protected.


If there is a heavy and wide dent over your bumper, then replacement is the only practical option. A wide dent affects the look of the car and also decreases the resale value.
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Considerations Before Purchasing Aftermarket Bumper Assembly

Keep the following factors in mind before purchasing a aftermarket bumper assembly:

  • Ensure that the bumper is consistently rigid and strong.
  • A lightweight design.
  • Built-in mounts for lights.
  • Look for any significant dents or dings.
  • Compatibility with the brand and model of your car.
  • Ensure winches compatibility if you are seeking one.

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FAQs .

The cost to replace a bumper assembly with a used one ranges from $100 to $1,000. The cost of labor is included. However, SUVs, luxury cars, and pickup trucks will cost more.

The best material for contemporary auto bumpers is plastic. Because it is lighter and more aerodynamic, improving the vehicle's fuel economy. It is easier to mold, making it suitable for repairs.

Basically, the cost of replacement is affected by the make and model of the car, material, and replacement part, whether rear or front.

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